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10mm Braided PVC heavy duty hose

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10mm PVC heavy duty hose - ID: 10mm, OD: 16mm

10mm Braided PVC Heavy Duty Hose is a robust, flexible, and versatile hose suitable for a wide range of applications in different industries, especially where durability and resistance to harsh chemicals or environmental conditions are required. It is made from a high-quality virgin polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound reinforced with high tensile polyester yarn, ensuring strength and durability.

This hose is versatile in its use, including supplying water, oil, and gas for agricultural and industrial purposes. It is suitable for the transference of compressed air in pneumatic equipment, factory airlines, and the chemical industry. Additionally, since it is made from FDA-approved materials, it's also suitable for food and beverage applications. Its resistance to chemicals makes it ideal for the conveyance of pressurized gases, liquids, powders, and chemicals

The hose is highly flexible, allowing a constant and reliable flow rate. Its integrity remains unaffected by UV, direct sunlight, and general weathering, ensuring a long and dependable service life. This makes it a low maintenance solution for the transportation of various fluids and gases under pressure

RPVC to BS6066


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