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2mm Corematt xi

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Roll width = 1 mt 
The core material for open mould processes. 
Lantor Coremat® is the nonwoven core and liner for hand lay-up and spray-up processes. 
Saves weight. 
Increase efficiency. 
Excellent surface finish.
improved stiffness.

A conventional GRP ( Fibreglass, Glass Fibre, FRP) laminate is built from layers of glassfibre and resin. The bending stiffness of the laminate is primarily determined by the distance between the outer layers. The inner layers of the core provide the required thickness. 

Since they is no technical necessity for using glassfibre for the core layers, many less expensive and less time consuming materials have been tried as a filler material. Some of them useful, such as balsa and polyurethane foam, but with obvious drawbacks such as delamination and low mouldability.

Basically, Lantor Coremat has been developed as a structural core material for GRP laminates, and it does what any core material should do: save cost whilst retaining quality.

The microspheres in Lantor Coremat have important consequences for the resulting laminate. Compared to all glass laminates of the same thickness, a Corematt laminate is approximately 30% lighter. Despite the low weight, a Coremat laminate is extremely tough and durable. 

Apart from the savings on material costs, Coremat significantly reduces production time. The thickness of the core no longer has to be built up layer by layer, but can be simply be built up in one application using from 1mm - 5mm grades. 

Coremat is easy to use too, after the first layer of glassfibre is in place and thoroughly wetted out and consolidated, apply the Coremat straight down dry, push into place then wet out thoroughly with more resin, after about 30 seconds the binder on the Coremat will break and can be rolled and formed into shape. Pieces of Coremat are to be butt jointed so as not to form any ridges. A good test to ensure proper wetting out is to push your finger into laminate with light pressure, if the resin puddles around it you know enough resin has been applied.

Here at East Coast Fibreglass we have used Lantor Coremat for years, there are cheaper alternatives but you will not get the advantages that Lantor offer, with many low cost alternatives you will find they are not easy to wet out and sag on vertical surfaces, costing more time in labour and soaking up more resin.

This product holds Lloyds approval and we can personally recommend its quality.
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How much resin is used per square mt?

600g of resin is used per square metre for every mm thickness, so for 2mm in this instance you would use 1.2kg of resin. 

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