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EC9000 General Purpose Polyester Resin

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EC9000 is a thixotropic, pre-accelerated, medium reactivity and low viscosity orthophthalate polyester resin. It is designed to give: · Excellent surface finish · Minimal sagging for vertical surface application · Fast curing time with very low exotherm for thick laminates · Fading dye indicator for catalyst addition · Reduction of Styrene Emission of > 80% as compared to standard Orthophthalic Resin

EC9000 is a versatile orthophthalate polyester resin suitable for many applications primarily for molding FRP components. It is suitable for making thick FRP laminates having vertical surfaces.

We recommend using Catalyst M (alternatively Butanox M50) Ensure complete blending of the catalyst into the resin, preferably using a low shear mechanical stirrer.

Please note that full drums do not include catalyst which should be bought separately from our solvents and additives section.

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