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General Purpose Roofing Topcoat

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General Purpose Roofing Topcoat is designed for less demanding industrial uses. This product is pre-accelerated for convenience.

Before use, it's important to bring the General Purpose Roofing Topcoat to a standard workshop temperature of 18°C-20°C. Stirring should be done gently by hand or with a low-speed stirrer to prevent air bubbles, followed by a resting period to restore its thixotropic properties. The only additional requirement for initiating the curing process is a catalyst. We recommend using MEKP (50%) at a 2% ratio. (For alternative catalysts, please contact our Technical Service Department).

For effective blending, incorporate the catalyst into the gelcoat or topcoat using a low shear mechanical stirrer where feasible.

While General Purpose Roofing Topcoat can produce acceptable results when cured at standard workshop temperatures (15°C - 25°C), achieving the best properties necessitates a post-curing process. This involves allowing the moulding to set for 24 hours at workshop temperature, followed by a 16-hour oven cure at 40°C for optimal performance.

Please note: This topcoat  does not hold any Fire Retardant Certification. Please check with building regulations for your project before choosing this topcoat.

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