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Modelling Clay - buff

  • Description
    This clay is fine textured dual purpose with a firing range of 1120C - 1160C and 1200C - 1280C. It can be used as Earthenware firing to a pleasant yellow/buff colour progressing to a darker grey with light speckling at Stoneware temperatures. It can be used for both handbuilding or throwing on the wheel.
    The clay can be used to produce a former then can be be moulded from using RTV silicone and latex whilst still damp.
    Also Ideal for modelling simple formers for producing fibreglass moulds, before applying any resin or gelcoat for the mould be sure to seal the surface of the clay using a moisture curing varnish such as our G4 damp seal, once hardened P.V.A release agent can be applied before the mould laminate.

    The standard 12.5 kg block measures approximately 440mm x 80mm x 20mm.

  • Technical Questions
  • Can this be used to make a master to take off a fibreglass mould for example a sculpture?

    This can be used however I would reserve this for non crytical moulding where surface finish is not important. once the sculpture/former is made you will need to seal it with G4 damp seal as it will crack if left to dry. the G4 will also seal off the moisture which is important as moisture will prevent any resin or gelcoat from curing. apply several coats of PVA release agent before applying the Gelcoat or fibreglass to ensure a good release.

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