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With the arrival in 2018 of our GelTint machine, we are now able to supply gelcoats, flowcoats and polyester pigments in almost any colour, as well as custom-made fibreglass sheets etc

The machine can mix, to order, almost any RAL or BS colour.  Samples can be sent to us to be scanned for colour matching.  Please note colour matching is only for complete part manufacture and not patch repairing,  this is due to differences in UV exposure,  batch and age between the old gelcoat and the new mix.  Samples sent in to us should be  larger than an inch square, clean and polished to the original colour. 

For boat hull repairs  it is best to have the whole hull either professionally re-gelcoated  or use a marine primer and paint if a complete match is required.  Gelcoat and pigment colours can also be mixed by hand so In some cases you can do your own tinting and mixing by eye for small repairs. There are various videos on the internet demonstrating this process. 

If you are carrying out a gelcoat repair and use this service , we accept no responsibility for shade differences in your final repair, only do this if exact colour matching is not critical.
Standard gelcoats, flowcoats and pigments can be delivered next day in the UK, so GelTint is FAST.

GelTint is also PRECISE and RESILIANT using gelcoats renowned for their long term resistance to weathering, with low colour change and high gloss retention. Have a look at the video below to see the machine in action.

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